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February 28, 2007

What computer skills should schools teach?

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Life-Long Computer Skills” is an excellent article and jumping-off point for what should be an in-depth public discussion in every community and in state and local governments.

The 8 skill-areas mentioned are excellent choices, though there are a few important omissions. To that list, I would add the following: (more…)


What does this test say about your “intuition”?

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I’m sure some people (maybe a lot of technical bloggers) will recognize the pictures of these people. But I did not know any of them. So, then, is this “humor” page a reliable test of a person’s ability to judge the basic character of people?

I think so.

I’m sure most people find the “Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?” quiz just a silly diversion. (more…)

Hello world, goodbye sanity

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Terrific humor at programmers vs biologists vs evolution (hello world)…I won’t even give you a preview.

Too bad the original author is unknown, it’d be nice to give him/her credit. Oh, well.

Bite the bullet — to bullet, or not?

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Besides being a great article about one area of writing style, “To bullet, or not” also highlights important aspects of web-design in particular: thinking about the semantics (meaning) of content before you mark it up with code, thinking about making your pages easy-to-read, etc.

Must reading!

A simple spelling primer

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The post “Grammar Mistakes“, on a blog I’ve been reading, is supposed to be a rant, but actually it’s a good primer of common mispellings of homonymns (words that sound alike).

Will be most useful to those who are horrible spellers, though even good spellers make the same mistakes as typos (i.e., they know how to spell which one but often don’t realize they’ve mistyped it).

Recommendation: Open a website in your text-editor and use the “Search” or “Find” feature to find all instances of one of these words. Did you use the correct word, or did you mean to use its homonymn?

“Semantic” vs. “Visual” Markup

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Here is an article I found explaining the difference between “semantic” and “visual” markup. It maybe isn’t the clearest thing in the world to those who don’t write any kind of webpages at all…for such an audience it would be better off to start with the pros and cons of the two approaches, then to follow with concrete examples of the effects of each on portability and accessibility.

Why, you ask, would one care how clear the article would be to non-coders? Why, because people brand-new to coding webpages (or contemplating it) are the most important audience, of course!

Still, worth reading.

Sorry I’ve been so busy…

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I haven’t posted in the blog for a while. I’ve been so busy with other projects.

Values for “media” attribute of “style” or “link” tags

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I came across this list I saved to my computer a while ago, and though I haven’t updated my websites (or this blog) with it yet, I thought it would be useful. If the mention of “OperaShow” is obscure to you, it’s obscure to me, too. (I’m guessing it’s a plugin for Opera because that’s the only thing that makes sense.)

Stylesheets Overview

For website-design newbies, the tags we are referring to allow you to use CSS to style an entire page or website (instead of using deprecated, even non-standard, tags that only affect one element and are often not compatible with assistive technology for the disabled). (more…)

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