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Lucky Polls
These free polls from Lucky Polls can easily be dropped in a webpage or blog, even on blogs that don’t let you use JavaScript, I-frames, or forms. They consist simply of a list of regular anchor-links which connect to the Lucky Polls website and record your vote according to which link you click. This also makes them easy to style and to make unobtrusive in a sidebar. For an example, see the sidebar on this blog.

Politics / 2006 Election / Massachusetts

Massachusetts Election 2006: Vote for Christy Mihos

Computing / Operating Systems / Linux
Linux printer installation, configuration, and recommendations

Programming Web Applications

Ideas to tackle online media capturing
There are efforts about to collaborate on an application and method to allow not only the closed-captioning/text-captioning of audio and video by the community but to do so in multiple languages. The effort is mainly aimed at education, as current captioning activities are disjointed and poor countries try to access a wealth of higher-education knowledge.
How Prevalent Are SQL Injection Vulnerabilities?
Programmer Micheal Sutton designs a test approach and uses an application written in C# to find vulnerable websites and check them for certain tell-tale SQL error messages

Website Design and Testing

Alertbox: Accessibility Newsletter
Terrific articles and research on website accessibility and usability from a professional usability evaluation firm. Strongly recommended for everyone, absolutely required reading if you do professional website design
<FONT FACE> considered harmful
Classic article about what can go wrong when you do not design websites with accessibility and usability in mind. This article is must reading for everyone, not just those who have international readers.
What’s Wrong With FONT
Again, recommended reading for all!
Running Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer
QuirksMode author lets you in on a secret…you can test your website for multiple IE versions with just one computer!
All W3C articles regarding Internationalization
Internationalization means presenting website content in multiple languages and/or properly identifying the language and character set of a document so that content is served correctly regardless of a user’s installed fonts. (Related issues include making your websites generally usable, like coding HTML forms that allow international users to enter their correct information without validation errors.)
Doctypes and their respective layout mode
Reference table for browsers regarding doctype-switching and when a browser may be triggered into Quirks Mode

IT Jobs and the Work Environment

The Guerilla Interviewing 3.0
Joel Spolsky, founder of Fog Creek Software, discusses interviewing methodology and principles and what works for him. Progammers who are job-seeking will find this very insightful.

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