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February 28, 2007

Bite the bullet — to bullet, or not?

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Besides being a great article about one area of writing style, “To bullet, or not” also highlights important aspects of web-design in particular: thinking about the semantics (meaning) of content before you mark it up with code, thinking about making your pages easy-to-read, etc.

Must reading!


A simple spelling primer

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The post “Grammar Mistakes“, on a blog I’ve been reading, is supposed to be a rant, but actually it’s a good primer of common mispellings of homonymns (words that sound alike).

Will be most useful to those who are horrible spellers, though even good spellers make the same mistakes as typos (i.e., they know how to spell which one but often don’t realize they’ve mistyped it).

Recommendation: Open a website in your text-editor and use the “Search” or “Find” feature to find all instances of one of these words. Did you use the correct word, or did you mean to use its homonymn?

November 1, 2006

Tutorial: CSS Nov-1-2006

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This is my CSS, which I modified yet again after adding the LuckyPolls poll:

It is based on the “Rubric” theme…information below. */

Theme Name: Rubric
Theme URI:
Description: A flexible and clean theme with a pen on top.
Version: 1.0

Tutorial: LuckyPolls

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When you make a poll at, it is very simple. You provide your email address, give a name to your poll (the question) and fill in the options. It automatically generates HTML code for 4 formats:

  1. The most popular, an HTML form; You can’t use forms on
  2. A format that uses hard links to each answer instead of a form
  3. An AIM-compatible (AOL Instant Messaging) HTML link; the vistor must go to the LuckyPolls website to see the complete poll
  4. A standard HTML link; the vistor must go to the Lucky Polls website to see the complete poll


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