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February 28, 2007

What does this test say about your “intuition”?

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I’m sure some people (maybe a lot of technical bloggers) will recognize the pictures of these people. But I did not know any of them. So, then, is this “humor” page a reliable test of a person’s ability to judge the basic character of people?

I think so.

I’m sure most people find the “Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?” quiz just a silly diversion. (more…)


November 1, 2006

“Only” 277 Cars Torched: terrorists and gullible sympathizers

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On the anniversary of widespread French riots, “Only” 277 Cars Were Torched…in a country not at war with Iraq, this proves, once again, that Israeli-Palestinian excuse is only a convenient shelter for terrorists’ to take over the world under the nose of gullible sympathisers.

(I’m sure many rioters were non-terrorist youths causing trouble, but that’s a frequent fact of riots. Terrorists cause riots and youths join in, or innocent organizations organize a strike or protest and terrorists secretly intensify them into full-scale riots…much like Communist organizations tried to take over the Boston police strike in 1919…unsucessfully, since police weren’t prone to strike long even before it was outlawed…and planned to conduct similar operations throughout the United States and achieve a communist coup.) [Source: A City in Terror: 1919: the Boston Police Strike, 1975, Francis Russell, Viking Press]

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