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November 1, 2006

New Poll: Are you a registered voter?

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I added the poll to the sidebar a while ago, but I forgot to post about it. Just look to your right and scroll down!

By the way, what makes you decide to vote or not? How do you feel about voting in general? Post replies here.


October 31, 2006

Campaign Coverage in Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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Earlier today I wrote a letter to the editor to The Worcester Telegram & Gazette regarding their horrible campaign coverage this year. This is the draft, which I shortened for the actual letter, so some of the wording is different. As always, when you start slashing away at something you wrote, you also tend to make some improvements. So, I left the improvements here as well. I welcome comments from anyone, by the way.

I also want to note that as was appropriate, my draft mentioned the Green Party candidates as well, but in the letter to the editor they got axed as well…I left the candidates I am voting for, that’s all.

Vote for Christy Mihos and John J. Sullivan if you want a Renaissance in Massachusetts (more…)

October 19, 2006

Who supports the Cape Wind project?

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Democrats just love to talk about how they are the party “for the environment”, but the truth is revealed when Massachusetts power-Democrats say to the Cape Wind Project, “Not in my backyard!”

U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy is one such hypocrite.

But the truth is, no party has a lock on morals, integrity, hypocrisy, or any particular ideology or trait. There are politicians in both parties who support the Cape Wind project or don’t. A Republican from Alaska, Sen. Theodore F. Stephens, tried to block it via a rider to a Coast Guard reauthorization bill! We can thank Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), and Sen. Pete V. Dominici (R-NM), Rep. Charles F. Bass (R-NH) for saving it. [source: Diana Connett, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Oct-18-2006]

Which of the candidates for Massachusetts Governor support the Cape Wind project? (more…)

Vote for Christy Mihos for Massachusetts Governor

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Christy Mihos is an Independent candidate who has always been honest and answerable to the public. As a political appointee, he (and Jordan Levy) insisted on more oversight of the Big Dig, even at the cost of being railroaded out of his job by Jane Swift (both were reinstated by the court, then Swift retaliated by adding more board members to dilute their votes). Now we see how right he was to insist! He is one of the few politicians with integrity in Massachusetts.

His running mate is John J. Sullivan, a former businessman in many industries (retired) and now town moderator in the town of Winchester. He is extremely knowlegable and intelligent, and a thorough planner. He became unenrolled to join Christy Mihos and reform Massachusetts. Together, they will smooth a path through partisan gridlock and lead a practical, accountable, and more efficient and transparent government.

Vote Christy Mihos and John J. Sullivan, Governor / Lieutenant Governor!
Read why Christy Mihos and John J. Sullivan will be terrific for Massachusetts!

Healy wants to remove tollboths – bad idea?

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It was announced on the news tonight that Kerry Healy wants to remove all tollbooths on the Massachusetts Turnpike (that is, from Rt. 128 west, since inside the loop is a different authority). This is the same thing she fought before. Really, I think she’s slipping in the polls because her attacks on Deval Patrick have been in terrible taste, and she’s looking for a pick-me-up! Also, she can never make up her mind what she will promise or block from one year to the next.

Christy Mihos has always supported the removal of the toll booths since the Turnpike was paid for. Should we really be doing this?

The revenue from the tolls goes partially to the state highway budget and partially to the overblown saleries for political friends and family that get “hired”. (more…)

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