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March 9, 2007

Class Action Lawsuit Regarding DRAM memory and DDR Semiconductor Devices

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I forgot I signed up online to recieve notices in the mail, because this issue must not have got much coverage. I just recieved the document, entitled “NOTICE OF PARTIAL CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENTS“. (Note, OK, I just remembered I saw this in the local paper…I’m suprized I haven’t seen information online, like I do with the ongoing SCO crap.)

Several plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit against several sellers of various types of DRAM and also DDR Semiconductor Devices. It is a lawsuit regarding violation of antitrust laws, including allegations of price fixing and allocate major customers and accounts among themselves between April 1, 1999, and June 30, 2002. (more…)


November 5, 2006

Could successful IBM patent suit against Amazon affect website owners?

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In Why IBM’s patent suit against Amazon could be bad news for the entire Web, this author imagines what could happen if IBM’s lawsuit is successful. He even dreams up a sample letter that IBM could fax to website owners demanding royalties on any type of online advertising.

But let’s take a breather here! While pointing out that you can patent a process in the U.S., he doesn’t give any reasoning explaining whether or not IBM even has a “process”…the words he quotes from the lawsuit, and moreover, his own imaginings, seem to define a process merely in the terms of an idea! You cannot patent an idea, a generalization. He seems to think that merely the act of connecting an advertisement that is served with information contained in the static portion of a page is a “process”. (more…)

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