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February 28, 2007

What does this test say about your “intuition”?

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I’m sure some people (maybe a lot of technical bloggers) will recognize the pictures of these people. But I did not know any of them. So, then, is this “humor” page a reliable test of a person’s ability to judge the basic character of people?

I think so.

I’m sure most people find the “Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?” quiz just a silly diversion. (more…)


Hello world, goodbye sanity

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Terrific humor at programmers vs biologists vs evolution (hello world)…I won’t even give you a preview.

Too bad the original author is unknown, it’d be nice to give him/her credit. Oh, well.

November 2, 2006

“I had to drop American Lit. for security reasons…”

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It’s the latest breaking satire from The Extrapolater:

‘A politician in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is thinking outside the box in the wake of recent school shootings, suggesting that students use thick textbooks as shields in case of armed attack.

Advocates of education hail the plan, saying it will serve double duty in the classroom. “It’s no secret that America lags behind much of the world in math and science.” said Oklahoma City school board president Wilbert Johannsen “But studies have shown that books in the math and science curriculum are always hardback and have an average thickness of 2-3 inches. I mean, reading is definitely important, but good luck deflecting a 9mm round with the trade paperback…’

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