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February 28, 2007

What does this test say about your “intuition”?

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I’m sure some people (maybe a lot of technical bloggers) will recognize the pictures of these people. But I did not know any of them. So, then, is this “humor” page a reliable test of a person’s ability to judge the basic character of people?

I think so.

I’m sure most people find the “Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?” quiz just a silly diversion. (more…)


Bite the bullet — to bullet, or not?

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Besides being a great article about one area of writing style, “To bullet, or not” also highlights important aspects of web-design in particular: thinking about the semantics (meaning) of content before you mark it up with code, thinking about making your pages easy-to-read, etc.

Must reading!

Values for “media” attribute of “style” or “link” tags

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I came across this list I saved to my computer a while ago, and though I haven’t updated my websites (or this blog) with it yet, I thought it would be useful. If the mention of “OperaShow” is obscure to you, it’s obscure to me, too. (I’m guessing it’s a plugin for Opera because that’s the only thing that makes sense.)

Stylesheets Overview

For website-design newbies, the tags we are referring to allow you to use CSS to style an entire page or website (instead of using deprecated, even non-standard, tags that only affect one element and are often not compatible with assistive technology for the disabled). (more…)

November 15, 2006

Paradigms of the “one-stop tech shop”

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An entry on the blog of Christopher Hawkins, “Suspicious of the ‘One-Stop’ Tech Shop“, concluded with the following question: “Or is my own view that no one small company can possibly do 5 different computer-related disciplines well just a misinformed prejudice on my part?”

I think I can answer that question. I live in a small town (that’s where he’s seen these shops). I’m a technically-inclined person and I don’t live very far from the city, and yet I used such a shop twice myself, even though I’m fully comfortable with the under-warranty service I’ve gotten from Best Buy.

In my case, there is a sports/hobbies shop. (more…)

November 1, 2006

Awesome WordPress theme in progress

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Check out this great theme called “ChkLater 2” on a website designer’s blog, “Designer Thought.

It is a work-in-progress at the moment. It can be a ***** getting precise designs like these to work ifor all major web browsers.

Tutorial: CSS Nov-1-2006

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This is my CSS, which I modified yet again after adding the LuckyPolls poll:

It is based on the “Rubric” theme…information below. */

Theme Name: Rubric
Theme URI:
Description: A flexible and clean theme with a pen on top.
Version: 1.0

Tutorial: LuckyPolls

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When you make a poll at, it is very simple. You provide your email address, give a name to your poll (the question) and fill in the options. It automatically generates HTML code for 4 formats:

  1. The most popular, an HTML form; You can’t use forms on
  2. A format that uses hard links to each answer instead of a form
  3. An AIM-compatible (AOL Instant Messaging) HTML link; the vistor must go to the LuckyPolls website to see the complete poll
  4. A standard HTML link; the vistor must go to the Lucky Polls website to see the complete poll


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