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November 5, 2006

Your Email Can Be Tracked: Outlook’s Options Don’t Work Right

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This is pretty simple straighforward stuff for anyone who is computer-literate. But occassional users and those new to computers and the Internet may not be aware of how images can allow other people to track your email! Also, you can turn off images, but Outlook (Microsoft’s email client…hint, that’s the thing you read email with) has a design flaw that prevents you from forwarding emails unless you allow the images to be viewed first. To learn about those 2 things (image tracking, Outlook design flaw), read this article.

I also want to let people know that the Thunderbird email client makes it very easy to mark email as junk or spam (can even mark a bunch at once, whereas with Outlook you can only do 1 at a time, a major headache if you get a lot of email), block the kind of remote images highlighted in this article, view all headers, etc.

Yep, there’s a junk filter built in (nothing to download an install). Whenever you see the “Thunderbird thinks this email is junk” (or similar message), there’s a button to the right, “Not junk”, so you can tell the filter to let emails like this pass though the next time. Or if it is junk, just right-click the message title in the top pane (the message list) and select “Mark as” –> “Junk”. When you delete anything marked as junk, it will not get saved to the Trash where you can restore it. The next time, Thunderbird will just automatically delete it. In otherwords, the T-Bird’s junk filter is the type that learns from its owner. You’ll have to take more action early on, less and less later, until it’s happily doing the vast majority of the work for you!

You can download Thunderbird for FREE from:


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