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November 1, 2006

Tutorial: LuckyPolls

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When you make a poll at, it is very simple. You provide your email address, give a name to your poll (the question) and fill in the options. It automatically generates HTML code for 4 formats:

  1. The most popular, an HTML form; You can’t use forms on
  2. A format that uses hard links to each answer instead of a form
  3. An AIM-compatible (AOL Instant Messaging) HTML link; the vistor must go to the LuckyPolls website to see the complete poll
  4. A standard HTML link; the vistor must go to the Lucky Polls website to see the complete poll

Minor changes I made to the code

This is the code for my first LuckyPolls poll. I pasted the 2nd type of code (hard links) into a Text sidebar widget. The voting links were fine, but I hated that the “View Results” and “Create Your Own Poll” links were bold and underlined. I made some minor changes so the formatting would work with my current style:

  1. I removed <table>, <tr>, and<td> tags. I hate tables unless they’re absolutely necessary. I used an unordered list, which is what is used in all your standard widgets, such as categories.
  2. I use ‘target=”blank”‘ in my anchor links.
  3. I removed unnecessary <u> tags.
  4. I removed depreciated <center> tags; instead, I placed those 2 links inside a <div class=”pollLinks”> tag and used my CSS to center them.
  5. The name of the poll was moved, without any tags, into the space in the Text widget editor where you are suposed to put your widget title.

The code after I changed it:

<ul><li><a href=”; target=”_blank”>I’m not old enough.</a></li>
<li><a href=”; target=”_blank”>I didn’t bother.</a></li>
<li><a href=”; target=”_blank”Yes, I’m registered!</a></li></ul>

<div class=”pollLinks”><a href=”; target=”_blank”>View Results</a><br />
<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Create Polls</a></div>


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