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October 31, 2006

Campaign Coverage in Worcester Telegram & Gazette

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Earlier today I wrote a letter to the editor to The Worcester Telegram & Gazette regarding their horrible campaign coverage this year. This is the draft, which I shortened for the actual letter, so some of the wording is different. As always, when you start slashing away at something you wrote, you also tend to make some improvements. So, I left the improvements here as well. I welcome comments from anyone, by the way.

I also want to note that as was appropriate, my draft mentioned the Green Party candidates as well, but in the letter to the editor they got axed as well…I left the candidates I am voting for, that’s all.

Vote for Christy Mihos and John J. Sullivan if you want a Renaissance in Massachusetts

On the day of the primary, both the Telegram & Gazette AND the Boston Globe focused on the politics, how the war in Iraq will influence local elections, and Healy’s attack ads on Deval. There were many election articles in both of them. Reading every word of both papers (except sports) front-to-back, there was NOTHING about what legislation candidates have voted for in office, propose to get passed, or will probably do. Not one single word, on primary day, the only day some people bother to read.

After, when the T&G has covered debates, most quotes from the candidates have been the same type of silliness. In other reporting, the paper talks about the legislative approaches of only 2 candidates. While we have very intelligent and viable candidates such as Christy Mihos/John J. Sullivan and Grace Ross/Martina Robinson, only their debate comments regarding the other 2 candidates are printed. One columnist briefly discussed how the 2 main parties promote the fear-tactic that “if you don’t vote for a Democrat or Republican, you are throwing away your vote”, and yet the T&G devotes almost all its coverage to only 2 candidates. News media are duty-bound to report the legislative positions of all candidates when covering debates even if they devote a small amount to extraneous quotes to give us an idea of those candidates’ personalities and ethics. Shame, shame on the Telegram & Gazette!

I am voting for Christy Mihos and John J. Sullivan (who left his party to join Mihos). I was lucky to be not working during the ONLY televised Lt. Governor debate on NECN. John J. Sullivan is an extremely smart individual with experience in various businesses over many decades. He is a true public servant who is the moderator of the town of Winchester. He makes sure he researches something himself before he takes a position. In the past, he has submitted a detailed plan to effectively investigate the Big Dig’s cost overruns and quality assurance issues, and to fix its workmanship problems. I am impressed with his grasp of facts that affect our state, cities, and towns and the calm, intelligent way he presented the legislative goals of the Mihos/Sullivan ticket. I would point you to video on NECN, but they have removed the Lt. Governor debate video from their campaign video footage at The NECN page on

Christy Mihos was an appointee on the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, and long before the Big Dig problems came to light, he was pressing for more oversight. He (and former Worcester Mayor Jordan Levy) did not have to worry about elections as pulbic servants. Nevertheless, they always remembered that they are public servants FIRST. They pressed for oversight at the risk of their jobs, against brutal political manuverings by Jane Swift and other politicians who were at the beck and call of big-business. Christy Mihos has proven he knows who he is serving even before running for any political office.

Don’t listen to partisan fear tactics. Christy Mihos and John J. Sullivan are 2 extremely capable, intelligent and dedicated public servants who will take some of the brutality out of the current political atmosphere. When elected, they will not favor or block legislation as a means of hoarding powerful influence for any party. This will create a diverse atmosphere where moderate, hard-working legislators in ALL parties can cooperate and pass legislation that’s useful, not harmful. John J. Sullivan will not be a limp puppet as Lieutenant Governor, he will be a critical team partner working cooperatively with Christy Mihos to make our state a terrific place to live and work!

Christy will introduce Proposition 1 to return 40% of collected revenues to cities and towns. He wisely will tie this to the removal of fees for extra-curricular activities so that after-school activities are open to all children, regardless of income and background. He promises to trim state government by removing some of the bloated bureaucracy that saddles citizens and small business owners with excessive paperwork and fees. He does not support Question 1, which will increase the number of liquor liscences by thousands and allow grocery and convenience stores to sell wine only. This has increased underage drinking and driving and alcohol sales to minors in other states which allow it. It will also result in many family-owned stores going out of business, and no place for many adults to buy other liquors for mixed drinks. You should note that Christy owns a small chain of convenience stores on Cape Cod, and yet he will vote against Question 1.

You can find out more about Christy Mihos at (his website/blog). I’ve noticed he sometimes writes entries directly himself. He has an easy way to order bumper stickers and signs and volunteer, if you wish. I got mine less than 48 hours after I ordered them. Personally, I started my own blog at and anyone is welcome to comment!

By the way, I encourage any readers here who want to be able to watch the Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor debate on NECN to email and ask them to restore it.


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