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October 19, 2006

Healy wants to remove tollboths – bad idea?

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It was announced on the news tonight that Kerry Healy wants to remove all tollbooths on the Massachusetts Turnpike (that is, from Rt. 128 west, since inside the loop is a different authority). This is the same thing she fought before. Really, I think she’s slipping in the polls because her attacks on Deval Patrick have been in terrible taste, and she’s looking for a pick-me-up! Also, she can never make up her mind what she will promise or block from one year to the next.

Christy Mihos has always supported the removal of the toll booths since the Turnpike was paid for. Should we really be doing this?

The revenue from the tolls goes partially to the state highway budget and partially to the overblown saleries for political friends and family that get “hired”.

  1. Commuters who use the Turnpike should continue to foot the bills in terms of tolls. No one else should have to pay.
  2. Commuters shouldn’t bear the burden since the monies help our other highways. We should eliminate tolls (which will probably result in raised taxes). This would eliminate jobs…and save us money on those overblown salaries.

I propose a much better compromise. This way, we can lower the expenses of all those commuters but avoid raising taxes on the general public. Simply put, we replace the expensive workers with automatic toll booths that use change, bills or 25-cent tokens. Just like New Hampshire, tokens can be purchased in rolls of $10. Either 1 worker is available at a small outbuilding near every set of booths, or we use a system like the banks use at the drive-up teller (in which case people can purchase rolls with cash or credit card). Either way, we save money and so the tolls are lowered.

Granted, the toll booths were supposed to be removed years ago, but she’s never been concerned about keeping a promise before now. It is horrible that commuters have to pay so much in both tolls and gas. But I think there’s middle ground.

Regardless, as long as the Turnpike Authority exists, its board should be minimal in size and should only be concerned with running the turnpike, period.


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